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Aside from the beautiful space, we’ve got events happening each evening for you to get creative and join in. Apart from our launch party, all events will be kept quite intimate so be quick!

launch party.png

launch party

If you're looking to live more mindfully and want to know where your purchases come from, what better place to make change than at home? Each of our brands have a strong design aesthetic but make a positive impact. Whether environmental, impactful or charitable, you can be sure that whatever you get here is nothing but good. 

Join us for drinks and music to celebrate our first week long pop up and maybe make a discovery of your own. 

storytelling for social.png

storytelling for social

Storytelling is a word being used all over the marketing world right now, but do we know what it really means?
How do you share your story to relate to your audience in a human way whilst maintaining that you run a business? Let me help you! 

If you're a change-making business, service, creative or more, I'd love to help you share your story in a way that shares your values authentically.

candle making.png

mindful candle making

Mindful practices and the comfort of home is where candles come in, especially ones by The Self Care Co. Their natural candles are hugely popular around the world and now they're coming to CTRL + (C)hange.

Join us with the Self Care Co. for their first workshop to make your very own soy wax candle. Focussing on therapeutic blends to ease mind and body, blend your own scent using natural essential oils. Nicole the founder will run through the benefits of various essential oils and how they help, after which you can get creative making your own!

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fit for the future

Do you want to know where the ethical and sustainable industries are heading? Who will drive real change? What can we as consumers do to support it? Join the discussion exploring the answers to these questions and more with a panel of those in the industry.

On the panel will be Madara Freimane of What’s your Legacy, Lizzie Rivera of BICBIM and Camilla Marcus-Dew of The Soap Co.

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blended bath salts

Create a bespoke salt bath soak with MOA Magic, intuitively putting together with a therapeutic blend of essential oils, dried flowers and botanicals. Be your own alchemist for the evening and create the perfect blend for your mood and skin type. To finish, you will be packaging the salts carefully by adding some arty, personal touches.

A truly personalised gift to enjoy a perfect therapeutic evening out. Not only that, you also get a complimentary Dreamy Mineral soak gift worth £25!


bespoke shoemaking

Juta Shoes is a brand based in East London that makes shoes made from reclaimed and eco-friendly materials. They employ local women that may otherwise be income deprived or unemployed. This provides the opportunity to learn new skills and confidence. 

Join them for their popular shoemaking course - choose from their stock of leather reclaimed from local factory offcuts or vegan friendly materials to cut out the pattern for your shoe. Learn to shape and pin the shoe to the sole, then hand-stitch the material to the sole with waxed linen thread. Match colours, mix textures, it's really up to you!