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This environmentally friendly handmade umbrella has been made to look naturally beautiful.

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  • It has been made because the alternative, a cheap, throw-away plastic umbrella made from non renewable resources, does not last and takes over a lifetime to disintegrate when disposed of

  • Handmade using fast-growing bamboo and sustainable monkey pod wood each segment of the umbrella has been carefully designed and refined by Alison Schutt and made by a different team of skilled artisans in Thailand

  • Our team practises the principles of Fairtrade, making sure that artisans and craftspeople receive a fair price for their goods and are paid both in advance and immediately upon completion of manufacture

  • Adherence to minimum wage and social security laws, work-place happiness and safety, gender equality, child protection, environmental awareness and protection are all strictly observed

  • We have visited and worked very closely with the team of artisans in Thailand to achieve and produce a stylish, refined, plastic free, fair trade umbrella that is designed for both sun and rain

  • Medium - 100cm diameter in Red, Black, Mustard Yellow, Blue and Green

  • Large - 110cm diameter in Black and Red