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Now you can control change…

Control Change is a new space that brings together brands that have considered design as well as responsibility. 

If you're looking to live more mindfully and want to know where your purchases come from, what better place to make change than at home? Each of our brands have a strong design aesthetic but make a positive impact. Whether environmental, impactful or charitable, you can be sure that whatever you get here is nothing but good.

We popped up in October inside Old Street and are currently running as an online shop until 30th December 2018. Shop now or sign up to find out about our next event first.


It was just a crazy idea…

that what if there was a space that brings together brands that consider both ethics and aesthetics? A space to discover products that not only enhance your personal environment but do so without costing the earth and it’s people? Literally. This is how Control Change was born.

I’m Indie and I run Unfold Change - a consultancy that supports change making businesses with their social media, content and writing. I hope you enjoy the experience of Control Change as much as I have curating it.